Better than new clarinets and repairs!

As a clarinetist I have noticed the need for quality clarinets at a great price. Buying new does not always mean that you are getting the best quality in workmanship. It is my goal to offer quality used clarinets that are affordable and play to the best of their ability. If the clarinet reaches it’s fullest potential, the player can also have a chance to reach their potential and not be held back by the clarinet itself. All instruments bought from me are also brought back to life by me. I received my Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees in clarinet performance at Middle Tennessee State University. I worked as a clarinet repair specialist at Onks Woodwind Specialists for 9 years before going full time with my own business.

I originally started my business as only a sales business, but I have now expanded and now can offer my services as a clarinet repair specialist shop. The same quality of repairs you find with purchasing instruments from me is now offered on your own instruments. Please click on my services tab to see all the clarinet repair services that I offer currently. You won’t find general repairs at Clarinets by Copeland, but quality that only comes from being a clarinet player that knows the instrument in and out. Repairing a clarinet requires knowing how a clarinet should feel and sound.

My goal is to provide you a clarinet that is better than new but at a used price, in addition to offering you years of repair maintenance to keep your instrument playing better than new!

Thank you for your support!

-Jonathan Copeland


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