New Beginnings!

As a clarinetist I have noticed the need for quality clarinets at a great price. Buying new does not always mean that you are getting the best quality in workmanship. It is my goal to offer quality used clarinets that are affordable and play to the best of their ability. If the clarinet reaches it’s fullest potential, the player can also have a chance to reach their potential and not be held back by the clarinet itself. All instruments bought from me are also brought back to life by me. I am a clarinet repair specialist at Onks Woodwind Specialist (onkswoodwindspecialist.com) and each instrument is carefully evaluated and repaired accordingly. Clarinets by Copeland is a side adventure for me to offer my best to you in the form of a clarinet. My goal is to help you find a clarinet that is better than new but at a used price. Thank you for your support!

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