Two R13s just arrived and an E11!

I just ordered two used R13s around 17 to 18 yrs old. Both in very good shape in as is condition. They will be fully reconditioned “Better Than New” style! No crack history and both have nickel plated keys in fantastic condition. I am also hand polishing the keywork which brings back its shine! I also ordered a Buffet E11 Clarinet that can not be very old. Logos are still intact and it has silver keys. I think this “fully serviced” used clarinet thing could be the way to go. You get a better than new instrument at 1/2 the price. This would be like going to the car lot and buying a used car that has been fully reconditioned to its new condition, runs and feels better than a new car, and is 1/2 the price of the new cars. Each clarinet you help me sell I am offering free gift cards to you for your help. Let’s reinvent the used clarinet!!!

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