My Clarinets

I currently stock all professional and intermediate Buffet Clarinets which includes the following: Buffet R13 Buffet R13 Prestige Buffet E11 Buffet Festival Buffet Tosca, etc. Any professional (or intermediate) model not listed here can also be found if you are interested. I buy instruments as I find them and do not have all models in stock at all times. If you are looking for a specific model please contact me and I will find one for you within your budget.

All instruments are completely serviced. What does this mean?

In my mind a full service includes a full cleaning, polished keys, leveled pads, replacement of necessary pads and corks, adjustment of spring tensions, oiling and regulation of entire mechanism.

In general my stock is mostly made up of R13s and E11s in a variety of ages/price ranges. My instruments look as close to new as possible and play better than new. I do not sell instruments with cracks. If I come across a clarinet that has been cracked, all crack history information will be disclosed to you before your purchase. The price will reflect this as well but I do not sell instruments with cracks. Very rarely will I have an instrument that has been cracked for sale.

***MOUTHPIECES are NOT included with any of my instruments. The mouthpiece is something that should be selected with a teacher. The mouthpieces that come with these instruments new are merely “door stoppers.” I do not recommend that mouthpiece even to a beginner. Mouthpieces are an aftermarket necessity, which is why I stopped including mouthpieces. Most players either already have their own mouthpiece, or their teacher will have a specific type they want them to use.


I also give 30 day maintenance warranties with my instruments. If anything needs to be adjusted or repaired within 30 days I do that free of charge. I am also more than happy to work with you after the 30 day period on a case by case basis. TRIALS are available, please check out my “How to Buy” page for more details.


Please contact me with any questions and I look forward to helping you find your next clarinet! Call me today to see what I have in stock at 865-816-9587! Email me at






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