Custom Barrels and Bells

Custom Barrels – $165 

These custom barrels are designed to improve the sound of your clarinet. What can you expect from these barrels:

  • Improved intonation
  • More focus
  • Better articulation
  • That “just right” resistance
  • A warmer sound that projects

How are these characteristics achieved?

  • Reverse tapered bore
  • Reverse exterior style that puts more weight on the top of the barrel

Hand Selection Service

  • While your instrument is in the shop for maintenance or an overhaul, consider purchasing a barrel! This is the perfect time to buy a barrel because I can fit your custom barrel to your own horn. For a $25 additional fee, I will hand select a barrel for your own horn. This fee includes play testing multiple barrels to find the best one for your clarinet, but it also includes fitting your barrel to your tenon. As a result, you receive a barrel hand selected and custom fit to your clarinet.

Custom Clarinet Bell – $350


Buy now by emailing me: (required for multiple barrel purchase) or you can buy one single barrel now below:


Custom wood barrel - 66mm


**BELLS must be purchased currently by emailing me, my inventory is lower on bells**


CLICK HERE for my current trial policy concerning barrels. I currently offer a 7 day trial! **Please read this whole document before agreeing to trial.**