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Please use this page to let others know about your experience with Clarinets by Copeland! Thank you for your support!   – Jonathan Copeland

15 comments on “Customer Reviews

  1. Thomas LeGrand

    I bought the Prestige R13 Bb clarinet advertised on this website through an ebay listing. I was impressed with Jonathan’s work on the instrument. Cork pads were well seated and were of extremely clear cork. Springs tension and ring heights were very good for me, even though this was set up as an instrument for sale, and not as custom work for me. Very good seal on top and bottom joints. Pad heights were good for evenness of sound and intonation. The description in the ebay listing was accurate as far as condition and quality of the instrument. Price was fair. I would be comfortable buying another used instrument from him if he has something that is interesting to me.

    Thomas LeGrand
    Houston Symphony clarinetist

  2. I was in the market for a refurbished R13 Bb clarinet, and a friend of mine referred me to Jonathan. He has been great to work with. I couldn’t be happier with the clarinet he refurbished. After his full overhaul, it is in perfect condition. The keys are very responsive, the tone is even throughout the instrument, and it’s a joy to play. Jonathan’s skill and craftsmanship are evident in every aspect of this clarinet. I would definitely recommend his work to anyone else in the market!

  3. Ken C. Harrelson

    Bought a clairnet for my son so that he could reach his full potential as a clairnet player. We bought a Buffet R13 that looks like it should be on display in the Buffet museum!! The quality and craftsmanship are impressive. My son was astounded and was immediately able to play (and attempt) more complicated pieces. His ability and confidence have soared with this beautiful instrument.
    Jonathan was a pleasure to deal with and delivered more than everything he promised. He is a consummate professional. In a time where many have forgotten the value of customer service Jonathan sets himself apart. If you are in the market for a high quality professionally restored clairnet go to Jonathan first! You will not be disappointed.

  4. Anyone who is considering purchasing a clarinet from Mr. Copeland should go for it! He is every bit as good as he claims to be, and his prices are more reasonable than anywhere else I’ve seen. The R13 I purchased from him has all of the qualities one looks for in a good clarinet (excellent tone that is even throughout the whole range, good intonation, etc.) Also, the purchasing process was completely hassle-free. My only regret is that I didn’t try him first! -Michael Rossberg

  5. I was so fortunate to have been recommended to Jonathan. He took the time to educate me and over delivered on the instrument. I honestly don’t know hat I am looking for with the value of a clarinet. However, my sons instructors tell me we got an incredible instrument at a terrific price. I HIGHLY recommend Jonathan!!!!

  6. Sabine Mohr

    We bought a refurbished R13 for my daughter and she and het teachers are extremely happy with the instrument, they constantly remark on how ell it sounds. Jonathan recommended two instruments and we kept the first one he sent us. We highly recommend his business.

  7. Matthew Joo

    I praise his professional workmanship on my daughter’s R13 clarinet I bought. He found a 55+ aged vintage R13 for her, and overhauled it completely.It looks like a brand new silver plated R13, even better than new, and sounds clear, and focused, yet dark enough she loves to play. You must not hesitate to purchase a clarinet from Jonathan Copeland. He is the person you always looking for your next clarinet.

  8. Roger Garcia

    I have a student purchase a R-13 from Jonathan and it was a great instrument at a great price.
    In addition to that – the repair done at Onks is second to none! I recommend both Jonathan and Onks!

  9. Michael S.

    When you really care about your instruments and need expert repair, it can be so frustrating to find a competent service that can get work done right and in a timely fashion. Jonathan’s work is by far some of the best that the working professional musician would ever require or demand. I would highly recommend his services to anybody that is in need of expert clarinet repair. His attention to detail is second to none. Some of the best pin work that I have ever seen…

  10. Michael W.

    Jonathan has done an excellent job overhauling my B-flat clarinet. His barrel gives me a different timbre to work with. I highly recommend his repair work and his barrels! Thank you Jonathan!

  11. Kathy Vernam

    Just got my A and Bb back from their trip to the ‘spa’! They are awesome. I also got one of the new CC wooden barrels, if you’ve been looking to upgrade your sound, this is the way to go! All registers, my problem areas such as over the break, and both my A and Bb sounded awesome! It’s a great investment. Jonathan fit it to both instruments, and I am VERY happy with it. Now we just need to get back into our groups and start playing again!!

  12. Stephen Norm

    Had my Buffet R13 A clarinet serviced in July. The clarinet plays better than when I purchased it. The detailed service that is provided and constant communication by Clarinet by Copeland makes it easy to recommend his work to all my colleagues and students. I also purchased a custom C by C 66mm barrel. I’m using the barrel on both my Bb and A right now. It has really helped open up the sound on both instruments and stabilized my intonation.

    Stephen Norm
    Clarinetist and Middle School Band Instructor, NY

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